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Plumber needed and more jobs Careers at Transguard Group Dubai. The Transguard cluster was established in 2001 and is extremely vital, currently it’s the leader in the field of Cash Services, Security Services, Manpower Services and Integrated Facility Services. Transguard is the UAE’s most trusted business support and outsourcing provider and has a large, dynamic and cultural diverse work force number of more than 56,000 people.

Plumber needed, Transgard Group is the UAE’s most trusted outsourcing partner, which provides business support services to some of the most prestigious brands in the field. With the number of full-time employees of more than 46,500 people and turning toward AED 1.4 billion, Transguard provides world-class business support services to customers in various industry sectors }together with, banking &# finance, Construction aviation, logistics, IT / -telecommunications, banking &# finance, Construction, welcome, retail &# insurance

Plumber needed and more Careers

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 HVAC Technician UAE Apply Now
 Light Vehicle Driver UAE Apply Now
 Heavy vehicle Driver UAE Apply Now
 AC Technician UAE Apply Now
 AV Technician UAE Apply Now
 Electrician UAE Apply Now
 Plumber UAE Apply Now
 Security Guard UAE Apply Now
 Security Guard (Arabic) UAE Apply Now
 Cleaner UAE Apply Now
 CCTV Operator UAE Apply Now
 Forklift Driver UAE Apply Now
 Cleaning Supervisor UAE Apply Now